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Lower PremiumsControl Cash FlowStay in ComplianceWhat is a PEO?

Workers Compensation insurance problems consistently rank high on small business owners' list of main concerns.  These include:

  • High premium costs
  • Large down payments which hurt cash flow
  • Payroll audits that demand more cash to stay insured
  • Paperwork, government regulations, and the internal costs and potential fines associated with both

We can help reduce your costs and your risks associated with Workers Compensation insurance.  Lowering premium costs by aggregating companies ...


A new way of buying
Group Health Insurance

An insurance agent can only do so much... We've taken a different approach and we've helped  both agents and clients find a new way to reduce the cost of employee benefits through a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). This translates into better solutions and much greater savings for you and your employees. 

With our PEO solution you become part of a group consisting of 1000ís of employees. We call it being StreetSmart.

Some of the industries
we serve

Trucking Construction
Manufacturing Professional

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